Leavin' Home

Leavin' Home (Download)

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Long Time Gone's debut album was recorded in September 2005 by Benji Flaming at Red Fox Studios in Apple Valley, Minnesota. Over the course of two days, we recorded more than 20 songs live using a setup with seven microphones. From that batch we picked our favorites. At that time the band included Leo Rosenstein (mandolin; guitar on "Walls of Time" and "Undone in Sorrow"), Ben Manning (guitar; mandolin on "Undone in Sorrowā€¯), Katryn Conlin (string bass, harmony vocals) and Jeff Kinnell (fiddle; mandolin on "Walls of Time," lead vocals on "Old Plank Road" and "Hot Corn"). You can preview the entire album below or order the entire album as a download for only $10.00. Single tracks are not available for download.

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